Perfect Wedding Shopping Ideas for Your Requirement Now

What do you attract as a guest to a wedding? Besides that it is an important decision for the bride and groom what they put on their wedding day, it is not always easy for the guests. Because what do you attract as a guest to a wedding? If there is a dress code, then you have to stick to it. But is not there, what guidelines can you keep to not be out of place? For that you will need the guide for wedding shopping.

What do you attract as a guest to a wedding?

Are you completely lost in all dress codes and desperate looking for a new dress or a cool outfit for your guy? Today you can read all about dress codes and find the necessary outfit inspiration! morans westward ho

The dress code

The type of clothing that you attract to the wedding as a guest depends on the wishes of the bride and groom and on the formality of the wedding. Usually you can read that from the wedding card and location where the wedding takes place. In America it is quite normal that all bridesmaids or girlfriends of the bride wear the same colors and similar dresses, but in our little country this is somewhat less common. However, everyone is expected to neatly come to a wedding, unless otherwise indicated. Do you doubt the dress code? Ask the bride or the master of ceremonies for advice.

Summer-ready maxi dresses

A long maxi dress is always very stylish. Especially in a beautiful colored pastel or peach shade it is also completely summer ready! But if the dress code is ‘black tie’ then you can also opt for a beautiful, long black dress with a sexy slit.

Winter outfit inspiration

Pastel colors are always beautiful for spring or summer weddings, but if you are invited for an autumn or winter wedding, dark colors are super nice! Bordeaux red, blue and army green are the perfect colors for the colder days and are always super stylish . We put some outfit inspiration for you and your lover in a row. Nice and easy to shop online!

Beautiful accessories

Finish your outfit with a nice pair of shoes. Are you going for killer heels, sandals or cool boots? A matching clutch  or beautiful flower wreath is the perfect finishing touch!

White clothing

Except when it is explicitly requested to wear white, white is not the color for female guests to wear at a wedding. This applies to both during the day and in the evening. It is important that you do not wear the color that the bride also wears. So for that reason also avoid ivory.

Outfit inspiration for the men

Of course you want your guy to look good too. A nice suit with good walkers should therefore not be missed. With a dark colored suit you are almost always good. And do you want something else? In the summer, opt for airy fabrics in light shades such as a light blue linen suit.
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