Five Moments to Create the Perfect Wedding Floristry

Ideas of the bride or a pair of lovers must necessarily be taken into account when choosing the concept of wedding design, as well as floral, because they repeatedly represented this day in their dreams, so everything should be perfect in accordance with their ideas.

The budget for wedding floristry is the second most important moment for creating beautiful and original compositions. Do not be embarrassed by how much money you are willing to spend on making a flower wedding decoration just follow the instruction of good florist in Singapore.

Give the florist minimal information or even arrange a tour of the wedding venue, because this can be an additional source of inspiration for the wedding professional. Bring in the wedding floristry suitable for the season details and individual elements. Listen to the ideas of a wedding florist, who will help to collect all your desires into a single and integral picture.

Things that Famous Singapore corporate catering services must take care

If you dream to be famous Singapore corporate catering servicesthen here are some tips and tricks for beginner caterers: servers, chefs and managers.

  1. Forget the buffets

Unless your customer specifically requests a buffet, the trend is rather for family-style dinners for catering services. They are more intimate and avoid queuing and waiting to serve. For chefs, it is more difficult to regulate the temperature of the dishes of a buffet, and the slightest problem can lead to poisoning. For servers, the fewer customers there are, the less likely they are to have an accident, and it also allows them to have better visibility into customer needs. Cocktails with buffets often present many obstacles for waiters and customers, tables, people who travel by carrying plates, glasses etc. Just like a good floirst in Singapore you will be having the best options from these catering services as well.

  1. Understanding food security

When working with food, one must know the basics of food security. Your supervisor will certainly train you on the most important rules, but here’s a quick overview. Everyone, from the waiter to the chef to the manager, must know the rules about the temperatures of food products.

If you need to prepare dishes, be sure to use different cutting boards for raw meat and fresh vegetables to avoid contamination.

To cook, store, reheat or cool food, be careful to avoid the dangerous temperature range (between 4 and 60 ° C) to avoid any risk of food poisoning because bacteria reproduce at breakneck speed when food is kept at these temperatures for a prolonged period.

Cook the dishes at the correct temperature (75 ° C, at a higher or lower temperature if the food is kept at the correct temperature for a suitable period of time).

Keep food cool at the correct temperature (5 ° C).

Keep the dishes warm at more than 63 ° C otherwise they must be consumed within two hours.

The heated dishes should be heated to 82 ° C. A good combination of time and temperature will ensure that the dish has been warmed up safely.


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